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The Program

Voluntary benefits allow you to bring the advantage of professional insurance services to employees through your workplace at no direct cost to you. This program is completely voluntary; employees decide whether or not to participate. Employees can purchase coverage for themselves, their spouses, children and grandchildren. Employees pay premiums through the convenience of payroll deduction, simplifying the payment process. Your employees own their policies, and if they leave your employment, they can keep the policy.




Whole Life (WL)

  • Unisex and nonsmoker/smoker
    • Level-pay
      • Issue ages 18-70 years
    • Paid Up at age 65
      • Issue ages 18-55 years

Term Life

  • Unisex and nonsmoker/smoker
    • 10-year term (level)
      • Issue ages 18-70 years
    • 20-year term (level)
      • Issue ages 18-60 years
    • 20-year term with return of premium
      • Nonsmoker: Issue ages 18-46 years
      • Smoker: Issue ages 18-36 years

Optional Benefit Riders

  • Accelerated Benefit Rider
    • Allows advanced payment of the death benefit if insured has been either diagnosed by a physician with a terminal illness or has been, confined continuously for 90 days in a nursing home and is reasonably expected to remain there for the duration of his or her life
    • Maximum lifetime benefit available is lesser of 50 percent of death benefit or $250,000
    • One advanced payment is allowed per calendar year
    • The minimum benefit that can be advanced is $2,500
    • No premium cost for rider
  • Children’s Term Life Insurance Rider
    • Term insurance for insured’s present or future children who qualify for coverage
    • One premium covers all children, stepchildren or legally adopted children ages 15 days to 18 years
    • $10,000 of term insurance
    • Convertible at the anniversary nearest each child’s 25th birthday for up to five times the initial amount of insurance without evidence of insurability
  • Waiver of Premium Rider
    • Waives premium if totally disabled for four consecutive months
    • All premiums paid from the first day of total disability are refunded
  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider
    • Pays an additional benefit amount for deaths that result from an accident
    • Equal to the initial amount of insurance


Determining Eligibility

  • Employee must be actively at work and working at least 20 hours per week
  • Employee, spouse, children and grandchildren are eligible
  • Employee is not required to purchase life insurance on self in order to cover eligible family members

List bill

  • Minimum of five policies required for list billing
  • Individual LifeHorizons products can be issued with full underwriting and included on the list bill


Underwriting Requirements

  • Simplified Issue
    • Employee, when group doesn’t qualify for guaranteed issue
    • Spouse, children and grandchildren
    • Children’s Term Life Insurance Rider when group doesn’t qualify for guaranteed issue
    • Amount above guaranteed issue
  • Guaranteed Issue
    • Groups with 15 or more eligible employees qualify
    • Requires mandatory one-on-one meeting with each employee
    • Any combination of worksite life insurance products can be purchased


Guaranteed Issue Guidelines











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